Author(ish) Podcast

In this episode, Amy and Dana interview cozy mystery and sweet romance author, Jennifer Vido.
In this episode, Amy and Dana break down what they’ve learned after collectively querying nearly a hundred agents over four years. And while they both ultimately chose to publish via small presses, many authors want an agent. So here is our best advice on deciding if you want an agent and how to get one.
In this episode, Amy and Dana interview author S.E. Reed.

S.E. has spent the last 20 years of her life moving around all five-regions of the United States which gives her a unique American perspective. Many of her pieces have a strong Southern theme, but she also dabbles in the strange, bizarre and fantastical.

Her work has been featured by Wild Ink Publishing, Parhelion Lit, The Writer’s Workout, Tempered Rune’s Press and Survival Guide for the 21st Century. She has won several YA writing contests and actively participates as a delegate for YA Hub on Twitter.
In today’s episode, Dana and Amy interview Kevin O’Neill.

Kevin is an award-winning film director, screenwriter, and producer who has been writing and directing short films for the last sixteen years. His films have been nominated for 89 awards and have won 59. Many of his film scripts are inspired by real stories from his past.
In episode two of the Author(ish) podcast, based off a blog Dana wrote, Dana and Amy talk about the Emotional Phases of Writing. 
Authors Amy Nielsen and Dana Hawkins discuss the importance of building a Writing Community and give actionable steps in how to do it.

I could not be more excited to announce my two-book deal with Storm Publishing. For all the details, please see their full-length article! Author(ish) Podcast

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